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Behind Every Great Woman is a Dickface (Front)
Behind Every Great Woman is a Dickface (Back)
'The Girls' Series, 2019
'The Girls' Series, 2019
'The Girls' Series, 2019
'The Girls' Series, 2019
'The Girls' Series, 2019
'The Girls' Series, 2019

Following a 2018 week-long 'Painting with Enamel' workshop at Metalwerx in Waltham, MA with Linda Darty, my first foray into enamelling since 2011, I continued to experiment with transparent Japanese leaded enamels in a series I affectionately refer to as 'The Girls'. Inspired by my interest in tattoos, William Morris' flora and fauna, and concepts surrounding ornamentation and body ownership and control, this series remains intermittently in progress. 


As of 2019, one has been incorporated into a 'finished' piece entitled 'Behind Every Great Woman is a Dickface' (pictured below on pink satin). 

'The Girls' Series, 2018-Present

Copper, fine silver, Japanese leaded enamel,


Photo credit: Veronica Sage McAvoy

The Tangents Series, 2011

The Tangents Series is based in aesthetic manipulation of form and derives inspiration from nature without being conventionally organic. Instead the pieces and the process take cues from the more imperceptible order of the natural world.


The process begins with blank surfaces that are folded and spliced in large numbers and later edited. The chosen models are fabricated in silver or enameled copper as rings, brooches, and neckpieces. They evolve instinctively, growing to incorporate hidden or unexpected elements such as facets of gold or raw crystals. The crystals, though they contrast with the minimal silver forms, are an explicit reference to the geometry and preciousness that has been my inspiration. The work attempts to capture nature’s mystery as well as its effortless grace and unexpected surprises. 

Prices upon request.

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